Monday, 11 June 2012

Sketchbook Feature

My work has been featured by Sue Bulmer on her lovely blog, as the new 'Sketchbook Peeks' post - I am very excited to have taken part in this, because Sue's work is so inspirational and she has achieved a huge amount (which is obvious at one glance of her blog!) so it was great that she wanted to include me.

Her sketchbook peeks do exactly what they say on the tin ... they delve into the most personal and experimental part of the design process: the sketchbook. Mine is full of a combination of mistakes, changes of direction and decision making but I think this is what makes a sketchbook so appealing and rewarding to produce... why else would you need one? It record the process you make from concept to finished idea with all the bumps and walls along the way, and as such, it is a fantastic tool to learn from and look back on for future reference and inspiration. Yes, there will be a lot inside which goes well, but sometimes the mistakes spark ideas you would never have considered in the first place.

I have chosen a few pages which sum up my style but also (more importantly) show snippets of the journey I take to get to the final product which, for me, is one of the main reasons why I love producing sketchbooks so much.

It has been great to take part - thank you Sue.
The full feature is here.

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