Saturday, 15 September 2012


I returned from my holiday to Rome this week, and despite having only four days there (and getting caught in a HUGE thunderstorm on the second day) me and my friend managed to visit a long list of piazzas, places of interest and historical sites....was an amazing place with so much to admire. I particularly liked the design of the streets themselves which more often than not had their own way of drawing your eye to the end and changing your course of direction completely. Beautiful and busy. That's how I was sum it up I think. And delicious, of course...we ate a lot of pizza and ice cream!
Piazza Venezia was our first stop, orininally belonging to the Republic of Venice before becoming a seat of Govenment. Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II is designed with symmetry and symbolism and is constantly passed by traffic due to it's almost exact position in the centre of Rome. The sculptures adorning it are allogorical representing the State and the Italian People and themes such as action, strength and war. 
San Marco
Interesting spots, streets and brilliant street acts...
Interior shops and open studios in the design-led Cavour area of Rome. 
Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona
When we had found our bearings on the metro we went to visit Piazza Navona - this was one of my favourite places because it naturally feels like sociable meeting point. All the little side streets lead onto the baroque style square which appears from nowhere. Magical. 
Fontana Di Trevi
This was an amazing sight by night. Very peaceful and the lighting enhanced the detail and drama of the sculpture. It seems to be crowded all day and all night! 
Colosseo, Arco di Constantino and Foro Romano

We decided to avoid the many tours which were taking place for several reasons - mainly because we didn't have enough time. Despite this though, I absorbed the city on my own. I have always wanted to explore Rome to see how it felt to walk among the reminants of its past. It was this personal response to the hundreds of years worth of architecture and design which I wanted to find - to decide for myself why people continue to visit and be fascinated by it. Perhaps I didn't leave armed with as many factual accounts as I could have, but visually I was reminded why I travelled there in the first place. I was inspired, and first hand that is an experience you don't forget.      

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